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WSG Associates was established in 1978 to focus on specific technology areas -- Clock Timing and Control -- Quartz Based Oscillators -- Microelectronics Packaging.  

While we still excell in these areas, we have expanded our products and services to include a full range of Medical, Military, Aerospace and Space qualified products, along with a broad selection of passive products including but not limited to Capacitors, Resisitors MOV's and Fuses 

Today we continue to  team design and supply our principals' services and products to more than 2000 accounts in California. Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

Our served Markets include the complete range of industrial/commercial products including Network and Telecom markets . Medical components and subassemblies, Scientific and Military systems

As a result of WSG's technology base, we are unique in our ability to service our customers most severe design and production challenges. Including - High frequency products, Tight tolerance and stability, low phase noise, low clock skew, tight duty cycle, low jitter products, temperature / voltage stability and control, board and substrate design and layout (COB mix with SMT), laser functional trimming, power factor correction, harmonic distortion, low leakage current, optical energy control, Fiber Optic alignment UV detection, Xenon flash assemblies and Custom Power design.

WSG Associates

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