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    3D Plus is a worldwide supplier of advanced high density 3D microelectronic products and Die Stacking technologies meeting the demand for high reliability, high performance and very small size of today’s and tomorrow’s electronics.
    Their patented technology portfolio starts with standard package scale upward to die-size and wafer-level stacking processes, and, enables stacking heterogeneous active, passive, Opto-electronics and MEMS/MOEMS devices in a single highly miniaturized package.

CERNEX, INC., is a company with a commitment to product excellence and technological expertise in state-of-the art thin-film hybrid and discrete microwave and millimeter-wave components, and sub-assemblies. The company was established to provide products and services to growing markets such as wireless telecommunications and fiber optic communications industry. Cernex manufactures, GaAs, HEMT, PHEMT, and MMIC based products covering 30KHZ-110 GHZ range for commercial and military applications. Our company has been manufacturing Millimeter-wave products and subsystems up to 220GHz.
is a leader in custom design capabilities, and offers a variety of optional features, which include components such as integral isolators, limiters, filters, attenuators, gain control, coupled output ports for our amplifier products.
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  Designs, develops and manufactures Analog and Digital Delay Lines. delay line application modules and filters.  Products range from fixed, tapped and trimmer delays, to digitally programmable delay lines and pulse generators, dynamic memory timers, gated oscillators and pulse controllers. All silicon - 8 pin - 14 pin -- SOIC's - as low as 0.25 nsec per step.
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AC / DC Power supplies, DC/DC power supplies and converters.  Featuring Universal inputs, full agency approvals, and US. Manufactured Including high efficiency, low leakage current Medical supplies.  From  1 watt to 1 Kilowatt.  Single, dual, triple or quad outputs.  The leader in compact power
RHB Labs
Offers a full spectrum of standard, custom and proprietary Silicon Photodiode product designs, and High Intensity Light Sources.  Eye-response series, blue-enhanced, UV, pulsed laser, plus hybrid APD's.  Advanced Optical Energy Controllers and Xenon Flash assemblies  
  VPT Inc.

VPT, Inc. provides high density, low profile, lightweight DC-DC converters and EMI filters in addition to custom engineering services for military, aerospace, space and industrial applications. VPT creates products and services for high reliability environments in accordance with specific industry standards. Products are available in a variety of environmental screening levels to suit a wide range of applications. Custom screening programs are also available. VPT’s team is comprised of the most celebrated power supply innovators in the industry. VPT has pioneered multiple patents in power conversion technology. MIL-PRF-38534 Class H Certified, ISO 9001, and AS 9000 certification

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